Dr Irfan Unal

🍌 Banana
A good source of carbohydrates, and are at the top of the list for fruits that spike your energy levels.
πŸ‰ Watermelon
This fruit is refreshing and contains vitamin C that adds zing to your life. The water content in a watermelon is like an oasis in a desert.
🍎 Apples Apples are a great source of slow-release energy, plus they contain vitamin C and B and potassium to give you the much needed boost. 🍊 Orange
An orange is a ‘power house’ for energy and vitamin C. Besides, oranges contain phosphorus, minerals and fibers for healthy functioning of your body.

πŸ₯­ Papaya
Papaya is a very diverse fruit that supplements different aspects of health. This fruitful fruit improves immunity, builds energy and has anti-inflammatory benefits.
πŸ‹ Mango Filled with vitamin B and C, calcium, potassium, zinc, folate and proteins. πŸ₯‘ Avacado Avocados receive a lot of flack for being high on fat content. However, these are a great source of good fats. Not a popular fruit in India, avacado is a fruit you can count on for boosting your energy.
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