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SteviaSugar Awareness Campaign and Free Samples at Cafe Nautica, Wisma Central

SteviaSugar Corporation has launched a Stebiana Stevia awareness campaign at Cafe Nautica, located in ground floor, Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang. The event was held to educate and introduce stevia to the public, who were almost ignorant or never heard about stevia before. Free samples of Dr Sweet and GreenVia tea were offered to the restaurant patrons. For 2 full hours, the free samples were given out, and a crowd of 200 people gained valuable insight about general health issues relating to sugar and stevia as the best natural alternative. The crowd was generally pleased with the free drinks and samples give-away, and were delighted to learn about stevia and its benefits.

Agents, get your marketing materials here!

Dear SteviaSugar agents, we now provide you with marketing materials of discounted price. You will be able to highlight stevia benefits by using our spectacularly designed posters and banners! Posters are sized at 2'x3', and banners are sized at 2'x5'. To order, follow the steps below: 1. Choose the poster/banner ID. 2. Email us at describing your address, quantity, and the poster/banner ID. 3. We will send you an invoice and method of payment (Poster - PM01 - RM36.00) (Poster - PM02 - RM36.00) (Poster PM03- RM36.00) (Bunting - BTM01-RM55.00, w/o stand) (Bunting-BTE01 -RM55.00, w/o stand)

Article written by Dr Stevia in the MyNourishment Magazine, Dec 2009

Dr Stevia has contributed an article on stevia in MyNourishment magazine, on December 2009 issue entitled "The Long and Winding Road". It touches on Stevia introduction, and issues revolving it was unraveled. Click on the photo to read the full article.

SteviaSugar, featured in Harian Metro 9th Jan 2010 (Business Section)

Dr Stevia was recently interviewed by Harian Metro on the advent of stevia popularity in Malaysia. Click the photo for the actual news clip.

Dr Sweet: A breakthrough in healthy tea

We are proud to introduce you to Dr Sweet Tea ™, a special blend of herbal tea that has unique health benefits without sacrificing flavor and taste. I can guarantee you that this tea has enormous health benefits , and more importantly, it tastes delicious! Experience the special sweet and fruity taste of herbal tea that contains StebianA ™ Stevia along with other leaves and fruits, capable to help you to manage calories intake and reduce blood sugar level. And not only that, this tea will also help you in achieving ideal body weight. From many background Dr Sweet Tea™ has been formulated using 100% natural organic ingredients. It combines elements that are historically proven for health originating from: Unani medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine and Modern medicine. The result: best herbal tea package you will ever experience. Made from Stevia, Melaka Amla Tree, Pink Guava, Roiboos, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle and absolutely no sugar, rest assured that you get t

New Year kicks off with bitter news

Malaysians celebrate the New Year less sweet this year. The year opens with a price hike of a national commodity, sugar.It is now official that sugar has became 14% more expensive than usual. The government repeatedly said that the increase is to hinder Malaysians to consume too much sugar. It is also said that Malaysians in general consume 26 teaspoons a day where even Americans consume 4 teaspoons lesser. And of course, another Government bullet is that the new price is relatively low compared with the prices in other Asean countries such as Thailand (RM2.50 per kg), Singapore (RM3.05), Indonesia (RM3.40) and the Philippines (RM3.62). While it is true that the increase will cause a ripple effect in other food and beverage products prices, the sugar alarm rings a hard truth. Malaysians are consuming too much of the unnutritional white granules! We are getting sicker by the day! Stevia, the global answer Last year, Coca-Cola and Cargill has lead the stevia initiative by int