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SteviaSugar CEO, Dr. Irfan Unal in Utusan Malaysia News Article


Malaysian Waistline getting bigger by the day

Two days ago a short report by Al-Jazeera's Gerald Tan reveals how Malaysian waistline is rapily expanding at an alarming rate. 14% of adult population adult is obese, and that is a lot. Watch the report: The report revolves around Malaysian bad eating habit. Apart from not exercising regularly, the Malaysians are spoilt with carbohydrate and fat rich foods. However the report failed to mention about sugar-rich foods and drinks that Malaysians are in favor of. We love condensed milk, cordial drinks, sweet desserts and thick milo s. And that sugar will not magically disappear. They are accumulated, along with other fats and unused carbohydrates and contributes to fat bellies and later when not treated, becomes a timebomb. Malaysians, lets change our eating habits! We can still enjoy Nasi Kandar and Roti Canai but we have to keep it moderate. Taking less sugar is also important. In case the sweet-tooth craze comes haunting, switch to sugar alternative,