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You like sweet?

Dear Stevia friends, If you haven't heard about Stevia, then be informed, that Stevia will change your lifestyle in near future. Let me ask you a question: just how much sugar do we consume everyday? How much sugar in our coffee? How about our food? For most of us, we take a lot of sugar daily, with or without noticing. Sugar is good, but the danger starts when sugar is taken excessively. Modern food and beverage products over the counter are so irresistible. They taste good, that's why! But tasting good involves a lot of ingredients, and sugar being the main one. No company will ever highlight sugar percentage in their commercial products. Doing that would say: "Don't buy our product! You will catch diabetes!" Our body needs sugar We need energy. We need sugar to complement our diet. Our body digests and absorbs sugars rapidly, and quickly turns them into saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. This must be used through fat-burning activities or else it wi