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Bahaya Pemanis dari ekstrak Tebu Hitam !

Pemanis Semulajadi dari Pati Tebu Hitam BERBAHAYA ! Kenapa kami mengatakan ianya BAHAYA? 1)-Dihasilkan menggunakan teknologi Nano yg berkemungkinan akan terhasilnya barah kerana kadar partikel yg dihasilkan terlalu kecil menjangkau Nanometer.100.000 kali lebih kecil dari diameter sehelai rambut manusia. 2)Menggunakan sucralose (also known E955) More info..

The advantages of Stevia Goat Milk

Do you know the advantages of Stevia Goat Milk? Which one you prefer, Cow Milk or Goat Milk? Click here for shop

Recipe:Pengat Pisang Stevia

Hi all..this weekend,we want to share with you our Stevia recipe 'Pengat Pisang Stevia' Its superb and tasty !
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“When you make a choice, you change the future.” _Deepak Chopra

Artificial vs. Natural Sweeteners

Almost any items claims as "#sugar-free" is sweetened with artificial sweetener. Studies shows that using artificial sweetener has several negative effect including tricking body to desiring more calories.  #Sucralose one of #artificial #sweetener that commonly use as sugar replacement. Research have been done show that individual have reported symptoms after ingesting sucralose that include skin rashes, shortness of breath, sneezing, swelling, headaches, bloating, nausea, joint pains, anxiety and depression. Find out more here. SteviaSugar Corporation(M) Sdn Bhd   Sdn Bhd Tel: +603 - 2166 0445 / 0446 Fax: +603 - 2166 0448 No. 7.11, 7th Floor Wisma Central, #384, Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Stevia vs Agave vs Aspartame vs Sucralose

What is Aspartame? And why is sucks. What is Sucralose? And why it sucks. What is Agave Nectar? What is Stevia? Click here..

Be careful with sucralose product !

Be careful with Sucralose product ! Do you know what is Sucralose? Sucralose means an artificial sweetener .Nowadays there are so many product that used sucralose but claims as 'Natural Sweetener". Some of them also claims that they used Na no Technology! .However,do u know that Nano Technology also have their negative side?! Be careful ! and don't fool yourself to this product! Study, research and understand! Remember "HEALTH IS WEALTH" For more info :

Kuih Bingka Jagung

Kuih Bingka Jagung or Sweet Corn Pudding .Lets try our Stevia recipe.Using our Surevia Stevia product we sure it will be healthier cooking!

Dr Sweet Stevia Goatmilk (Container) !

Get another Dr Sweet product, Dr Sweet Stevia Goatmilk (Container) ! The best Goat Milk in the market which is contain 100% milk. It is delicious, tasty goat's milk with no goaty taste, sweetened with stebiana stevia. Price: RM35.00 .

Dr Sweet CafeVia Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Dr Sweet CafeVia Coffee is a special blend of arabica and robusta coffee with goji berry, cereals and stevia. Now you can have a great tasting, healthy and rejuvenating coffee without guilt! Retail Price: RM26.00 (West Malaysia) RM27.50 (East Malaysia)

GreenVia,Stevia Leaves Powder

Other than directly sprinkle some GreenVia into your cooking,You can use our GreenVia as a Skincare product.So cool right?  It makes your skin smooth and moist.It helps your skin to be firm and has a whitening effect!  Get It Now ! Only RM25.00

Fact:Diabetes Symptom

Do you know the diab etes symptoms? lets check out this before too late. # Get our Stevia Liquid Extract ,the natural sweetener now! Click Here to buy.

Stevia Recipe:Chocolate Chip Cookies

How about some cookies this weekend? Its look tasty right? Lets try our Chocolate Chip Cookies from our Stevia Recipe.

MIHAS 2014 around the corner!

Dont forget to join MIHAS 2014 this April! Get your chance to get our SteviaSugar Corporation products! You also can became our agents!

Dr Sweet Goat Milk

The best Goat Milk in the market which is contain 100% milk. It is delicious, tasty goat's milk with no goaty taste, sweetened with stebiana stevia.  Retail Price : RM 35.00

11th Malaysia International HALAL Showcase (MIHAS 2014) are coming!!

Find us at MIHAS 2014 this April! We will open our booth at MIHAS 2014.Lets checkout the details: Event Name: Malaysia International HALAL Showcase (MIHAS 2014) Date: 9 -12 April 2014 Venue:Kuala Lumpur Convention Center(KLCC) Booth No: A136 Booth Name:SteviaSugar Corporation(M) Sdn Bhd Time:10.00am-7.00pm Click Here to check website annoucement

Dr Sweet SureVia Sachets

Sweet tasting, all natural to sugar is here! Use Dr Sweet SureVia as normal sugar like drinks, cooking dishes, baking or even marinating. It tastes better than sugar with a great advantages :  -All natural ingredients; no chemicals nor gene tic modification -Super taste, no bitter aftertaste -Certified Halal Product -Very suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, weight-conscious individuals and sugar-prone patients. Each sachet (1 gm) of Dr Sweet SureVia Sachets sweetens like two teaspoon of sugar. Retail price : RM15.90 (West Malaysia) RM17.50 (East Malaysia)