Dr Irfan Unal

Dr. Sweet Tea has been formulated using 100% natural organic ingredients. It combines elements that are historically proven for health especially for diabetic and diets person. It historically proven for health originating from : Unani medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine and Modern medicine. The tea are produced from Stevia, Mulberry, Melaka Amla Tree, Pink Guava, Roiboos, Lemon-grass, Lemon Myrtle and absolutely no sugar, rest assured that you get the best health benefits ever!

The ingredient:

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Pink Guava
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Lemon Grass
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Melaka Amla Tree
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Lemon Myrtle
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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I want to buy Dr Sweet Stevia drops. I am from Sri Lanka. Are there any ways I can buy online ?

  2. Walaikumu salm Sir, can you please give us your email address and we will sent you the details for the purchasing and prizing of our products (from Sri Lanka).

  3. You can also go to our website at :http://www.stevia.com.my/contact_us.html to purchase online and to get more info about our products and company