Dr Irfan Unal

SureViaTM Stevia Drops: Stevia Liquid Extract

Introducing SureVia™ Stevia Drops: Drip one drop to achieve the sweetness of one teaspoon sugar ! SureVia Stevia Drops is made from stebiana™ Stevia (REB-A) and Purified Water only! With just a few cents per drop, SureVia Stevia Drops is your answer to healthier life without sugar!

Advantages of SureVia Liquid Drops

* All Natural Ingredients, no chemicals nor genetic modification
* Zero Calories
* Easy to carry
* Easy to use
* Affordable
* Super taste, no bitter aftertaste
* Certified Halal Product
* Very suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, weight-concious individuals and sugar-prone patient

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