Dr Irfan Unal

Malaysians celebrate the New Year less sweet this year.

The year opens with a price hike of a national commodity, sugar.It is now official that sugar has became 14% more expensive than usual.

The government repeatedly said that the increase is to hinder Malaysians to consume too much sugar. It is also said that Malaysians in general consume 26 teaspoons a day where even Americans consume 4 teaspoons lesser.

And of course, another Government bullet is that the new price is relatively low compared with the prices in other Asean countries such as Thailand (RM2.50 per kg), Singapore (RM3.05), Indonesia (RM3.40) and the Philippines (RM3.62).

While it is true that the increase will cause a ripple effect in other food and beverage products prices, the sugar alarm rings a hard truth. Malaysians are consuming too much of the unnutritional white granules! We are getting sicker by the day!

Stevia, the global answer

Last year, Coca-Cola and Cargill has lead the stevia initiative by introducing stevia-based drinks. Such large-scale corporate move undoubtedly proves that stevia will be on top as the natural sweetener, much superior than sugar and other artificial sweeteners. The international market has recognized this, and sooner or later stevia usage will swell into other common food items like cakes, sweets, and even doughnuts.

And it gets even better. After food items, stevia will be used in daily consumer item, like toothpaste. An excellent repellant for tooth decay, stevia is!

The opportunity list goes on and on, but we all need to wake up and understand that we are just consuming too much sugar, and its about time we give our body true natural derivatives and not poisonous chemical counterfeits.

Dr Stevia
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