Dr Irfan Unal
Dear SteviaSugar agents, we now provide you with marketing materials of discounted price. You will be able to highlight stevia benefits by using our spectacularly designed posters and banners!

Posters are sized at 2'x3', and banners are sized at 2'x5'.

To order, follow the steps below:

1. Choose the poster/banner ID.
2. Email us at sales@stevia.com.my describing your address, quantity, and the poster/banner ID.
3. We will send you an invoice and method of payment

(Poster - PM01 - RM36.00)

(Poster - PM02 - RM36.00)

(Poster PM03- RM36.00)

(Bunting - BTM01-RM55.00, w/o stand)

(Bunting-BTE01 -RM55.00, w/o stand)

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1 Response
  1. Adam Says:

    whats the percentage discount or market price?

    where is the plantation ?