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SteviaSugar is proud to annouce that commencing 1st of January 2010, you can obtain our products 24 hours daily at Cafe Nautica located in Ground Floor Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang, KL.

Cafe Nautica (owned by Ikhtiar Food Sdn Bhd),
Lot1.11 Ground Floor, Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2166 7455

Branch: G18, Kompleks Daya Bumi, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2691 0812

For Southern Malaysia region, you can get the SteviaSugar products from our agent in Kluang, Johor.
Mr. Mohd Syukri Hj Idris
5, Jalan 1/14, Tmn Sri Kluang, Kluang Johor
012-3869394 / 07-7771077

For Northern Region, please contact:
Aliqiah Enterprise
Mohd Musyri Bin Ali
Kg Sungai Rotan, Pendang Kedah
019-4124151 / 019-475 5141

Mr Aidi Zulkarnain
No 33 Lintang Bukit Kecil, Taman Sri Nibong, 11900 Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang
012-407 1889

You can view complete agents list at our website.

Very soon, we will list all of our resellers all across Malaysia. If our agency has not reach your area, you can head over to our website to purchase the products using credit card!

Dr Irfan Unal

Do you know that in a day, Malaysians in average consume
up to 24 teaspoonfuls of sugar? The recommended daily sugar intake is only 10 teaspoonfuls.

No wonder there are 1.84 million Malaysians suffering from diabetes today!

Worry not; now you have a new natural alternative to reduce blood sugar!

We are proud to bring you and your family the world’s best natural and calorie-free sweetener made from StebianATM Stevia plant.

It contains absolutely zero calories and is suitable for diabetics, weight-watchers and health - conscious individuals.
Dr Irfan Unal
Do you know that white refined sugar is linked to more than 60 health disorders with diabetes leading the score?

Do you realize that there are 1.84 million diabetics in Malaysia and a third of them do not even realize they have the disease?*

Worry not; now you have a new natural alternative to reduce blood sugar!

We are proud to bring you and your family the world’s best natural and calorie-free sweetener made from StebianATM Stevia plant.

It contains absolutely zero calories and is suitable for diabetics, weight-watchers and health - conscious individuals.
Dr Irfan Unal
We all need sugar.

But excess sugar: that is downright unhealthy.

Now it seems that sugar consumption in Malaysia seems to be hot in debate. TheSun today through their journalist Karen Arukesamy wrote a report about five things wrong with sugar.

Here are the five ultimate sins of sugar:

1. Sugar is unnatural chemical - produced by industries processes by refining it down to pure sucrose, after stripping away vitamins, minerals, proteins enzymes and other nutrients

2. Processed same way as heroin - sugar is first pressed as juice from sugar cane and refined into molasses then into brown sugar and finally into white crystals

3. Almost identical to alcohol - the biochemical make up of white sugar is almost identical to alcohol except fro one molecule

4.Addictive - sugar addicts are much like drug addicts in need, withdrawal and denial where the syptoms include tremors, flu-like symptoms, headaches and intense mood swings

5.Causes slow and insidious damage to the body - refined sugar is devoid of all nutrients, it causes the body to deplete its own stores of various vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Overprocessed=not natural = not healthy

Sugar is an overprocessed food item. Lets not forget that. Anything that is not natural, is alien to human body system and is totally unnecessary in our food.

It is never meant to be part of our natural diet, ever.

And let us open our eyes to see that modernization has made some of the biggest mistake: feeding us with unnatural food products hence letting us suffer with incurable diseases.

This is 21st century and we should be moving forward, but the reality is every minute people dies because of these unnatural, overprocessed food commodity, especially refined white sugar. Isn't that ironic!
Dr Irfan Unal

A couple of days ago various consumer groups proposed Malaysian Government that sugar subsidy should be removed. The rationale behind it is to discourage people from consuming sugar too much. Without subsidy, that would mean an increase of 70% of sugar price!

Malaysian sugar dilemma

The 2006 National Health and Morbidity Survey said that over40% adults in Malaysia are overweight. That means almost half Malaysian adults are prone to diseases. Apart from not having exercise in their daily routine, most Malaysians consume sugar too much! It is estimated that Malaysians in average take 24 teaspoons of sugar daily, whereas only 10 teaspoon is the recommended daily intake.

Price increase, a no-no

My view is that price increase would not have desirable effect on sugar consumption. People would still be drinking their teh tarik and colas no matter the subsidy is removed or not. Just take a look at the tobacco industry. Price of cigarettes have been increased more than five times over the last 5 years, but there is no sign of people quitting.

Instead of raising the price of sugar, what government and general public should do is to find alternatives. There is a lot of sugar substitute out there, and natural ones are the best. Among the natural ones, Stevia sits on the top.

Stevia is currently the best, natural, non-calorific sweetener in the world. So why not, consider using stevia today?
Dr Irfan Unal

Salam Eidul Adha readers!

It has been a while, because we were busy preparing a range of exciting products made from stevia! Watch out new developments in our website!

A recent newspaper article in The Star dated 15th November 2009 (which is the World Diabetes Day) mentioned about "Sweet Killer". What an interesting read!

Here are the highlights:

1.The International Diabetes Federation estimates that there are 1.84 million diabetic patients in Malaysia. They predict that 24,000 Malaysians from that number will die of the disease next year.

2. Around the world, in every 10 seconds, a person dies from diabetes, and two person develop diabetes.

3. A third of Malaysian diabetics are not aware they have diabetes.

4. Diabetes threat is far larger than H1N1

5. Sugar is linked to more than 60 ailments include diabetes, obesity, heart problems, osteoperosis, kidney problems, asthma and allergies

6. Malaysians in general consumed 24 teaspoonfuls of sugar daily. Recommended daily intake is 10 teaspoon only!

So what now? Should we avoid sugar at all cost?

What I can say is that we take it moderately. Of course it is much better, if you can use stevia as sugar replacement. Its the calories that kill, and stevia has zero calories.

Diabetes is a serious death-causing disease that is happening in front of our eyes. Take heed!
If you fail to notice your cup of 'teh tarik' contains 6 teaspoon of sugar, then by all means prepare; you are in the road to diabetes.
Dr Irfan Unal

Dear readers,

Warm wishes for Eidul Fitri! May you and your family in God's blessing all year round!

In the meantime please watch out what you consume! We are what we eat!
Dr Irfan Unal
If you are consuming artificial sweetener, or thinking to change from sugar to artificial sweetener, let me warn you: you’re escaping from tiger’s mouth to crocodile’s mouth.

Artificial sweeteners, even how tempting the slender model looks on the package, are doubtfully benefiting your health. There so much controversy around artificial sweeteners, and while numerous studies were conducted, they are still at large, being consumed by millions of uninformed diabetic patients or weight watchers all around the world.

The general conclusion is that the benefit-to-risk ratio of artificial sweeteners is pretty much unclear. And too add confusion, major health governing bodies allow its usage. How can something be unsafe when FDA has approved it? Well’ that’s the mystery.

A great deception

I am very much against the use of dangerous chemicals over the health of general public. Let’s look at a scenario. An elderly gets diabetes and turn to artificial sweeteners, influenced by the low calorie claims and sometimes even doctor’s prescription. But little that the old man knows that the artificial sugar does more harm than good. Other health issues starts to appear and this is where the sick gets sicker, and the sicker gets to die early. All in the name of a great deception!

Look behind your sweetener’s innocent case. Or maybe chewing gums. There are thousands of products using these sweeteners. Look out for these names and beware!






ASPARTAME especially enjoys widespread usage. It is very dangerous for diabetics. It drives the blood sugar out of control, so diabetics may suffer acute memory loss due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are neurotoxic. Thus it passes the blood brain barrier and deteriorates the neurons of the brain, causing in various kinds of brain damage, seizures, depression, manic depression, panic attacks, rage, violence.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Till next post,

Dr Stevia
Dr Irfan Unal

Of late, Malaysians are bombarded with 'all-in-one' coffee drinks everywhere they go. You see them in TV, radio, 'mamak stalls', restaurants, and in the mainstream papers. Featuring healthy natural addition like goji, guarana, ginseng, tongkat ali, and almost everything else, it seems like this industry of instant health-oriented coffee is really gaining buyers attention.

In the sachet

The 'all-in-one' coffee makers take pride of their coffee mixture. Most of them claim health benefits relating to the usage of their product. While some of the claims might be true, what you rarely notice is the sugar content in each sachet. It surprises me, and it will surprise you!

A common sachet is weighed 20g. The content of the sachet is poured in a mug, pour hot water, and there you go! Instant, delicious, healthy coffee. Upon sipping the aromatic blend, you investigate the sachet, curious of what makes it smell and taste good. And it's a lot cheaper than Starbucks!

If your sachet is made by a reputable company then behind the sachet you may find the ingredients, nutrition information and another alarming fact: sugar composition! Total sugar in the 20g sachet : 12g! That 60% of the composition!

Are we buying sugar or coffee?

So, what are buying: coffee, or sugar? If the sachet has 60% (12g) sugar, then its an expensive way of buying sugar!

 image courtesy creative commons by http://www.flickr.com/photos/danoff/

However, there is a remaining 40% content. We may think its coffee and the other goodies, but is that really the case? There are a lot of ingredients involved, but most of them do not get printed on the sachet.

Here's another industry secret: the second major ingredient in every sachet is creamer! And how much creamer in the 40% remainder? Let's wait for my next post where I will reveal yet another alarming fact about these all-in-one products. And I haven't started to talk about caffeine yet!

No wonder they do good business!

Dr Stevia
Dr Irfan Unal
Dr Irfan Unal

Little that the public know about natural sweeteners. What they know is, when its sweet, its sugar. General public does not know or even care about sugar alternatives, unless when they are diabetic, they will start asking pharmacies about artificial sweeteners.

While artificial sweeteners may answer some concerns about blood-sugar-levels, they pose another different side effects. And this is where natural sweeteners come into the equation.

Stevia Story

Stevia, or Stevia Rebaudiana plant, is a member of the Chrysanthemum family, same like Chamomile. Natively found in Paraguay, it has been used for centuries as a natural sweeteners. The Indians of Paraguay (the Guarani tribe) used to call Stevia as "Caa-ehe" that means sweet herb.

From there it started; modern scientists began to study this herb and in 1930's, the first documentation of Stevia compounds were published. From that point onwards, Stevia gained worldwide popularity, where it is grown and used in more than 30 countries.

Calorie, what calorie?

Stevia, in its pure form, has virtually zero calorie, zero carbohydrate, and zero fat. It also has no effect on blood sugar levels, however sweet it is. This creates attention from health concious consumers, in particular those who are suffering from diabetes and blood sugar disorders.

This makes the stevia a miraculous plant. Sweet, but not damaging. Better, it gives other benefits for example Stevia has been proven to reduce the formation of Streptococcus bacteria that also causes gum disease and cavities. Isn't that simply miraculous and wonderful?

But sure enough, Stevia marvels do not stop here. Till the next post!

Dr Stevia
Dr Irfan Unal
We congratulate Muslims all over the world with the coming of the fasting month.

We also welcome you to our new office located at 7.11, 7th Floor, Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Stay fit and healthy during the fasting period!

Warm regards,
Dr. Stevia
Dr Irfan Unal

Dear Stevia friends,

If you haven't heard about Stevia, then be informed, that Stevia will change your lifestyle in near future.

Let me ask you a question: just how much sugar do we consume everyday? How much sugar in our coffee? How about our food? For most of us, we take a lot of sugar daily, with or without noticing. Sugar is good, but the danger starts when sugar is taken excessively.

Modern food and beverage products over the counter are so irresistible. They taste good, that's why! But tasting good involves a lot of ingredients, and sugar being the main one. No company will ever highlight sugar percentage in their commercial products. Doing that would say: "Don't buy our product! You will catch diabetes!"

Our body needs sugar

We need energy. We need sugar to complement our diet. Our body digests and absorbs sugars rapidly, and quickly turns them into saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. This must be used through fat-burning activities or else it will start accumulating under our skin, in our liver, arteries and other organs!

What then? What if the fatty acids and glucose are being accumulated non-stop? Well technically, blood glucose levels will shoot up to the roof. Hyperglycemia is the term, and this is one early symptoms of diabetes.

Feeling depressed and dizzy lately? Or maybe an awkward aggression, insomnia or overall body weakness? Perhaps you have been consuming too much of sugar!

In coming posts, Dr. Stevia will reveal Stevia; a miraculous plant that is the best candidate to replace table sugar, minus the bitter consequences!

Till the next post!

Dr Stevia