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It has been a while, because we were busy preparing a range of exciting products made from stevia! Watch out new developments in our website!

A recent newspaper article in The Star dated 15th November 2009 (which is the World Diabetes Day) mentioned about "Sweet Killer". What an interesting read!

Here are the highlights:

1.The International Diabetes Federation estimates that there are 1.84 million diabetic patients in Malaysia. They predict that 24,000 Malaysians from that number will die of the disease next year.

2. Around the world, in every 10 seconds, a person dies from diabetes, and two person develop diabetes.

3. A third of Malaysian diabetics are not aware they have diabetes.

4. Diabetes threat is far larger than H1N1

5. Sugar is linked to more than 60 ailments include diabetes, obesity, heart problems, osteoperosis, kidney problems, asthma and allergies

6. Malaysians in general consumed 24 teaspoonfuls of sugar daily. Recommended daily intake is 10 teaspoon only!

So what now? Should we avoid sugar at all cost?

What I can say is that we take it moderately. Of course it is much better, if you can use stevia as sugar replacement. Its the calories that kill, and stevia has zero calories.

Diabetes is a serious death-causing disease that is happening in front of our eyes. Take heed!
If you fail to notice your cup of 'teh tarik' contains 6 teaspoon of sugar, then by all means prepare; you are in the road to diabetes.
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