Dr Irfan Unal
Invitation to Ekspo Mini Karnival Koperasi 2011

Date :Friday, February 25 at 10:00am - February 27 at 10:00pm
Location :The Mall, Putra Place, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Info :Mini Karnival (Product Makanan) yang akan disempurnakan oleh
Y.B Dato' Tan Lian Hoe, Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Dalam negeri Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan.
Dr Irfan Unal

Dr SweetTM CAFEVIA COFFEE : Enjoy healthier coffee !
CafeVia Coffee is special blend of arabica and robusta coffee with another nine(9) ingredients. The coffee does not contain sugar, no creamer and is packed with goodness of cereals. CafeVia is great tasting, healthy coffee.

Enjoy healthier coffee !
* Without sugar
* Without Trans Fat Creamer ( uses milk powder instead)
* Full of energy
* Improves digestion

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Dr Irfan Unal

SureViaTM Stevia Drops: Stevia Liquid Extract

Introducing SureVia™ Stevia Drops: Drip one drop to achieve the sweetness of one teaspoon sugar ! SureVia Stevia Drops is made from stebiana™ Stevia (REB-A) and Purified Water only! With just a few cents per drop, SureVia Stevia Drops is your answer to healthier life without sugar!

Advantages of SureVia Liquid Drops

* All Natural Ingredients, no chemicals nor genetic modification
* Zero Calories
* Easy to carry
* Easy to use
* Affordable
* Super taste, no bitter aftertaste
* Certified Halal Product
* Very suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, weight-concious individuals and sugar-prone patient

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