Dr Irfan Unal
Hello there people! How are things going on for the past few weeks?? We just had another joyful moments to put on in our diaries for this year off 2012! A Healthy Cooking Program with Stevia has been held successfully at Dato' Miskon Jamal & Datin Hasnah Hassan's house on 7th January 2012 at Taman Nong Chik, Johor Bahru. The weather was so great and so were the guests. The cooking program was started with delicious Menemen (Turkish Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables). Lets picture tells you a story!

Dr Irfan & Dr Hamdan were busy introducing ingredients for Menemen.

Dr Irfan gave his final touch to his cooking. Now the Menemen must be tasted even more better!

Our staff Murniyati gave some good tips to our guests.

Lets take a closer look on this world famous Turkish Cuisine! If there is an iconic food that many Istanbulites would swear by, it is menemen, scrambled egss cooked with tomatoes and green peppers and traditionally served in a tin-lined copper pan with two handles (sahan). The eggs are a bit undercooked: there is a definite joy in breaking a large piece off the white bread, dipping it onto the moist eggs and munch this deliciousness enriched by the tomatoes and crunchy peppers and of course, our GreenVia. Our director, Dr. Irfan was took a chef's hat whereas Dr. Hamdan and Mrs Murniyati was took a speakers part during the whole event to entertaint all of our beloved guests.

Menemen. Looks yummyyy!!

The second menu is Sutlac (Turkish Rice Puding). Its a very simple all time favorite Turkish classic yet nutritious milk-based dessert with a very fulfilling taste! You can find Sutlac in almost every Turkish patisserie you go to in Turkey. Because of its milk and rice abundance, Sutlac is believed to help you better when your immune system weakens during sickness. And believe it or not, in Turkey Sutlac is also often served to new mothers as it helps them regain their strength, both physical and physiological.

Final touch of Sutlac with cinnamon powder.

Our guests seems to like it very much! You see the empty plate? ;)

Thank You Dato' Miskon & Datin Hasnah. It was one of the best cooking experienced we ever had! :)

Finally the whole program was successfully done during that day. All of our guests were satisfied with our delicious, tasty & healthy Turkish cuisines and you can tell that just by looking at their smiling and happy faces. The cooking was absolutely suitable to enjoy for the entire family and finally their private recipe book had just filled with another great recipes! You should try it at home! ;)

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